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You consider yourself a good driver, you’ve chosen your car wisely and you want cheaper car insurance. It should be simple, shouldn’t it? If there is one thing we've learned about insuring young drivers it's that one size definitely does not fit all. With BoxyMo we'll help you get the right Fully Comprehensive Telematics Car Insurance at the right price.

Our young driver car insurance offers you a great rate to keep your costs down. We specialise in finding cheaper car insurance for learner drivers, new drivers, provisional drivers and more. Get cheaper car insurance here at BoxyMo.

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BoxyMo is a clever little unit that looks out for you every time you’re on the road. It’s easy to use and even easier to install. BoxyMo uses GPS and other technology to send information about the way that a vehicle is being driven. The information we receive is used to help you drive safer and reduce the costs of your insurance - Makes Sense, Right!

It is our GOAL to bring cheaper insurance to Ireland's younger drivers by rewarding those that drive safely. We reward safe driving with extra "Kilometres" each month and a cheaper premium at renewal. read more...

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Save Money In 3 Simple Steps

car telematics

1 We fit a little device into your car

measure telematics

2 The device measures your driving

low cost telematics

3 Good drivers could save money

How BoxyMo Works!

  • Choose a set number of Kilometres
  • Fit BoxyMo to your car out of sight and free of charge
  • BoxyMo monitors your driving behaviour and rewards you for safe driving
  • The higher your score the more "Reward Kilometres" you will receive

What You Get With BoxyMo Insurance?

  • Theft tracking device to help find your car if it's stolen
  • Accident alert to help keep you safe after an accident
  • Dedicated Irish claims line available 24/7
  • Courtesy car while your car is being repaired by our approved repairer

BoxyMo Customer Feedback

BoxyMo Trustpilot Reviews
BoxyMo Trustpilot Reviews
BoxyMo Trustpilot Reviews

About BoxyMo is Ireland's first telematics dedicated insurer. This new concept is simple, we fit a telematics device, known as “BoxyMo” to your car. BoxyMo will then tell us how you drive and how far you drive. In addition to this “BoxyMo” will show you each month how to improve your driving and reduce your insurance costs. read more...

Our Address

  • Address: PO BOX 151 Letterkenny, Co Donegal

  • Opening Hours:

BoxyMo proudly supports JIGSAW

JIGSAW - Young people's health in mind

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