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Can the telematics device be fitted to all cars?
Yes, the telematics device can be fitted to all cars.

Where is the telematics device fitted in my car?
The telematics device is fitted discreetly in an optimal position for your make and model of car.

Will the telematics device damage my car?
No, the telematics device is professionally installed and doesn't affect the vehicle's warranty.

How do I get the telematics device installed?
Our installation team will contact you by phone and text to arrange a time and date for the installation. An engineer will then come to install the device at a time and place that is convenient for you. Installation takes around 40 minutes.

How much does it cost to have the telematics device installed?
We provide the telematics device free of charge.

Do I own the telematics device once it's installed?
No, we own the telematics device.

Do I have to remove the telematics device if I sell my car?
No, we will remotely deactivate the device if you sell your car or cancel your insurance policy. You must make sure that you tell anyone who buys your car that the device is installed even though it will be deactivated not be collecting data.

Does the telematics device know where I am?
Yes, as with any GPS device such as a mobile phone, the device does send location data, but this is not fed through in real-time. We do not use this data unless your car is stolen, and the theft tracking feature is activated.

Is there a restriction on how many Kilometres I can drive?
When you purchase a Boxymo Telematics policy you choose how many "Policy Kilometres" you require for the year.

What happens to my insurance if the telematics device stops working?
The technology in the device allows us to fix it remotely in over 90% of cases, if that is not possible, we will send an engineer to identify the problem and fix it or replace the device. Whilst the device is not operating no driving behaviour will be collected, so your overall score will not be affected.

Do you share the data with any third parties?
We only share the data with those companies required to provide the services under the policy, such as the device provider. Other than where we may be required to disclose any information, we hold by a relevant law enforcement or regulatory authority, we will not disclose any specific information we hold about you unless you have expressly authorised us to do so.

Can the data collected be used to defend me if I'm involved in an accident?
If the data helps to indicate that you were not at fault for an accident, we will try to use it to defend you.

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How do I pay for my direct debit arrears?
If your monthly payment has defaulted due to an issue with funds, a payment link will be sent via email, to access the link you will need your Online Portal Login details. If your default was due to an issue with bank details, please contact our Direct Debit Team on the contact details provided in the email.

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you have now been issued with a Notice of Cancellation due to non-payment of the arrears, you must contact our Online Chat Team to arrange a call with an advisor to discuss your options.

How can I pay off my direct debits?
If you wish to settle the direct debit balance early, please contact our Online Chat Team for a quote and to arrange a call back from our Direct Debit department. When settling your balance, the Direct Debit Service Charge is non-refundable and your balance will be the remaining payments added together, no early settlement charges will apply. Please note the balance cannot be settled if you have any Pending Payments.

Where can I find my payment schedule?
This was emailed following purchase of the policy, if you require another copy, please contact our Online Chat Team. Payments for a 12-month policy term are taken over 8 Direct Debit Instalments.

How do I update my direct debit details e.g. payment details and account details?
This was emailed following purchase of the policy, if you require another copy, please contact our Online Chat Team. Payments for a 12-month policy term are taken over 8 Direct Debit Instalments.

Will I receive confirmation of any updates to my direct debit?
Yes, email confirmation will be sent following any changes made to your Direct Debit. This will automatically be sent to the current email address registered to your account.

Why have I been asked to return a mandate and how do I do this?
If you wish to set up a New Direct Debit using NON-IRISH or Third-Party bank details i.e. belonging to a Parent or Spouse, we will require the bank account holder to complete a Direct Debit Mandate agreeing to the instruction. The Mandate will be available to view and print from the Policy Documents section of your Online Portal following the purchase of your policy, Once completed this can be uploaded to your Online Portal. There is no requirement to return the original hand-signed document.

Do you use a Third-Party Company for Direct Debits, and how will the payments show on my bank account?
We do not use a Third-Party Company for Direct Debit Payments, these are all managed in house. Payments will be debited from your bank as MCL Insurance Services Ireland Ltd – SEPA Direct Debit, your bank may abbreviate this.

When will my first payment be taken?
For New Direct Debits, the first payment may be due within 14 days of policy effective date depending on what Preferred Payment date you have chosen. When purchasing the policy there is an option to view the payment schedule in advance and make any changes required if it does not suit. Once the policy has been purchased the first payment cannot be changed. For Existing Direct Debits, the first payment will be due on or within 14 days of Purchase date, this means you may have two payments close together if you have chosen a Preferred Payment Date close to your Renewal Date.

Can I make a higher deposit payment against the Direct Debit or change to a higher number of months for repayments?
Unfortunately, we do not offer alternative direct debit payment options, details of your deposit and direct debit instalments will be outlined on the Payment Page during purchase.

Can I pay a deposit at Renewal for Existing Direct Debit?
If your renewal has offered Existing Direct Debit as your payment method, unfortunately; we are unable to take a deposit. However, if you wish you can contact us after Purchase of the Renewal to make a card payment for the first instalment.

What are the direct debit default fees?
Each returned payment will attract a default fee, please refer to our Terms of Business for confirmation of the fee.

Are there any charges for paying by direct debit?
There is a service charge added to your payments when paying by Direct Debit (minimum charges will apply). For New Direct Debits, an additional arrangement fee is due to be paid with the deposit. Please refer to our Terms of Business for confirmation of the Service Charge and Arrangement Fee.

What if I need to contact you regarding a Direct Debit?
The easiest way to contact us is via Online Chat. Alternatively you can arrange a call-back with our Direct Debit Team on the number below, phone lines are open Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Excluding some Bank Holidays).

Call 0818 427 006

Please email and provide the following:

Gardai Station, Name and Policy Number

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