Using MyBoxyMo saves you money.

We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of up to €10 for a change or correction made to your policy by a member of our team. This is on top of the cost of the phone call and any increase in your premium that you will have to pay as a result of making the change.

Our telephone administration charges are to cover costs, not make a profit, and help us to keep our policy prices low. We enable you to make most changes yourself in MyBoxyMo whenever you want, without having to spend time phoning. As a 100% online insurer, it's our way of offering you our best policy prices - we keep both your and our costs to a minimum if our customers don't call.

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New Business €55
Renewal €55
Cancellation Period of Cover + €60 telematics not installed / €183 telematics installed
Permanent Policy Amendment €35 via Internet / €45 via telephone
Temporary Vehicle Substitution 0 – 5 Groups higher €15 Per Week
Temporary Vehicle Substitution 6 – 10 Groups higher €35 Per Week
Temporary Additional Drivers aged 17 – 20 €60 Per Week
Temporary Additional Drivers aged 21 - 24 €45 Per Week
Temporary Additional Drivers aged 25 + €35 Per Week
Change of Address €35 via Internet / €45 via telephone
Letter of Indemnity €20
Duplicate Documents €20
Policies “Not Taken Up” Cancellation before start of policy "NTU - Not Taken Up": €25
Telephone Adjustments €10
Direct Debit Arrangement Fee €10
Missed Installation Appointment €45
Minimum Return Premium €10

You Can Do This Online

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Save time and money, use MyBoxyMo.

Some changes can be made by phone without incurring an administration fee. You can avoid the cost and hassle of what could be a long call by making the changes online in MyBoxyMo - your personal online account. It's fast, and free. However, no admin fee applies if you call to make the following amendments:

  1. Changes to your bank details (e.g. BIC, IBAN or card details).
  2. Changes to your email address or contact number.

You Can Do This Online

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About BoxyMo is Ireland's first telematics dedicated insurer. This new concept is simple, we fit a telematics device, known as “BoxyMo” to your car. BoxyMo will then tell us how you drive and how far you drive. In addition to this “BoxyMo” will show you each month how to improve your driving and reduce your insurance costs. read more...

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